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Welcome to the New Techniques and Technologies for Text-Based Disciplines coaching programme (2014)

This coaching programme is hosted by the Evangelisch-Theologischen Fakultät at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) and funded by the Gutenberg Lehrkolleg (GLK: the University's Teaching Council). It aims to impact positively on instructors’ pedagogic expertise in the classroom and in course design.

To sign up for this programme, follow this link.

Pedagogic research suggests that techniques that encourage students to engage actively in their studies have a positive impact, helping them to achieve deeper learning and to develop a broader range of skills than transmission modes of teaching. E-learning (using technology in and outside the classroom), has also been shown to enable students to learn more actively, to engage with their studies at times and places of their choosing, and to enthuse students who do not normally participate in the classroom. The programme provides a structured programme to explain and implement active learning and online pedagogies and to encourage interaction between participants so that they can learn from and support one another.

There are two main elements to the programme:

  1. A coaching scheme, in which participants will be observed and offered constructive feedback on how to develop their teaching. To find out more about the coaching programme and sign up for it, follow this link.

  2. A series of workshops, in which participants will be introduced to active learning and e-learning techniques and encouraged to reflect on how they might make use of such approaches in their own teaching. To learn about and sign up for the workshops follow this link.

To find out more about the programme and the rationale underpinning it, go to the project rationale page and/or view the introductory presentation given by the project leader in November 2013.

All of the online resources used and referenced on this programme are available via the following resource list, hosted by the social bookmarking service