Coaching Programme

You can use this page to learn about and sign up for the Coaching Programme, which is designed to enable tailored one-to-one support for participants.

Description of Coaching Programme

The Coaching Programme will be an integral part of the entire project. We will be running a series of initial observations at the end of the winter term (late January and early February 2014). The main element of this programme will take place in the summer term where the project leader will make himself available to observe teaching sessions by participants. In general, the process will run as follows:

  • Initial meeting/ contact via email to arrange observation, including completion of peer review form;

  • Reviewer to attend teaching session and take notes and complete peer review form;

  • Debrief session at which reviewer talks teacher through their comments about strengths of the session and ideas for possible modifications;

  • The initial observation will be followed with at least one further observations of subsequent classes (either the same or new classes).


During the course of this project,we also hope to initiate a programme of peer observation by fellow tutors within the Faculty of Protestant Theology of one another's teaching practice.

Sign up for Coaching Programme

Follow this link to sign up for the programme. Once you have submitted your details we will be in touch to organise a meeting and set up an initial observation.

Coaching Programme documentation

Follow this link to view and download the form that will be used to help structure the Coaching Programme sessions. It can also be used to support a peer review interaction. There is some useful advice on how to carry out your peer review on the back of the form.